Aiguafreda (Barcelona, SPAIN)

solidarity shop


  • Making you a feeder
  • Taking care temporarily of the cats that we meet (babies, wounded or sick)
  • Adopting
  • Helping us build shelters
  • Collaborating in the preparation of the events we do to raise money
  • Sharing what we do in social networks
  • Becoming a member for 5 / euros month
  • By pointing to the events we do to raise funds. You will have a great time and you will be helping our cats !!
  • If you are a Zooplus buyer, enter the web through our banner. For you it will be as always (they will not charge you more or anything similar) but we will receive a small commission for each purchase, that we will use entirely to help our homeless cats
  • If you are an online buyer,  if you sign up for the HelpFreely.Org website, choose our VADEGATS association and access your usual online shopping stores through this website, they will be giving us a commission every time you buy. You will not have any additional cost and you will be helping our kittens.
  • Purchase the items we have in our solidarity store.

 You can make a punctual donation through a transfer in our account from BBVA Bank


IBAN: ES45 0182 1816 45 0201545506