ADOPT (only spain)

 Do you want to adopt one of these beauties? Get in touch with us. All adoptions are made by contract. The price includes: vaccines, deworming, chip and sterilization.


Keep in mind that it will always come out cheaper than doing it on your own. The associations make us a special price to encourage adoption


We are launching this initiative to be able to help kittens that have not yet been adopted. You all know that it costs sometimes to go out for adoption and while they are not leaving with their new family you have to pay for veterinarians, I think etc ... we do what we can, but we do not always get to everything That's why we thought that one way to help these kittens and pay veterinary bills and maintenance is that you can sponsor a cat.


How does it work?

For 5 euros / month (you can unsubscribe when you want) choose the gatete that you like, I am funny ... come on, which would take you home if you could and with those 5 euros will go to that kitty. And we will explain to you how it evolves, how it grows, what moneries it does ... when we publish in social networks we will mention you so that you know that your godchild is the protagonist of the day


At the moment when the cat is adopted, sponsorship is over, but you can continue to help by choosing another gateteer if you have enjoyed the experience.


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