We are a non-profit association, formed by people from Aiguafreda and Sant Martí de Centelles, which we love animals in general and especially cats. Among all we have seen the need to help the cats that live in our streets.


Our objectives are to ensure the welfare of these animals, with adequate nutrition, veterinary assistance (when necessary) and, mainly, to control the population of the colonies through sterilization.


Between all we will try that the coexistence between the neighbors of the towns and the cats of the colonies every day is simpler. We also take the opportunity to say that the tolerance of people towards cats is very important and totally necessary, because in this world there must be room for everyone.

Do you want to collaborate with us?




Buy Zooplus from our web banner

If you are a Zooplus buyer, enter the web through our banner.

For you it will be as always (they will not charge you more or anything similar) but we will receive a small commission for each purchase, that we will use entirely to help our homeless cats

From September 2018 - Food Collection in Condis (Aiguafreda)

 You can go to the Condis (Aiguafreda) and leave us feed and cans for the cats living in out strets. We have put a box in the entrance for those who want to collaborate in the feeding of the kitten who are not lucky enough to have a home to live.


Condis: Passeig de Catalunya, 24, 08591 Aiguafreda, Barcelona


30 march- Tiendanimal (Lliçà de Munt)



On March 30, TiendaAnimal invited us to put together a solidarity parade in their store. We will do a workshop for the little ones, we will sell pretty things we have and we will also be there to help us raise feed for the cats on the street.



Make your purchases online through this website


If you are an online buyer of anything (clothes, travel, toys ...) and you want to help us, you just have to create a user on this website and activate it when you make the purchase online. It will not cost you, and they will give us a percentage so we can help our homeless kittens.

Create a user, choose our association and follow the instructions!